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Leadership challenges are inevitable. 
Learning is optional.

Many executive headaches revolve around leadership and team issues. Lack of people skills can reduce the effectiveness of key managers. High-potential leaders may need polishing to be ready for promotion. Leadership teams sometimes don't collaborate well—trust can be lacking. Indeed, your own skills may need to be sharpened.

"Tom is very clear in his discussions, his coaching and his methodology. There is no beating around the bush—he cuts to the chase. Personally I learned to communicate more directly to the issue and the problem. Tom has great integrity."

Bob Siravo

You probably already know from painful experience that these problems don't go away on their own. The critical question is this: do you want to keep fighting the fires as they come up, or are you ready to seek lasting change to improve your effectiveness as a leader and drive business results?

For over twenty years, Ucko Affiliates has tackled head-on the stubborn issues that prevent leadership effectiveness. Through executive coaching and leadership team development, we focus on helping develop emotional intelligence in leaders and collaboration within leadership teams.  We have experience in almost all industries, with a concentration of clients in financial services, biotech and healthcare. Our clients consistently tell us that we have restored trust and inspired teamwork in their organizations.

Not sure if leadership development is for you? Read the article: "Five Myths of Executive Coaching".

Let's face it: you simply can't escape the challenges that come with leadership. But you can arm yourself with the skills and information necessary to transform those painful challenges into sustainable growth for your organization. Call us today for a consultation about your unique situation.


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