Leadership and Leadership Coaching

The Five Myths of Executive Coaching

The commonly held myths about coaching, and the reality behind each one.

From Techie to Manager: What Does it Take?

The challenges technical people may face in adapting to a leadership role, and the shifts in thinking and behavior they need to make.

When Someone Else Decides You Need Coaching

How leaders who are “drafted” for coaching can making the most out of the situation.

Why Your Team Won't Tell You The Truth

Why reports hold back from the telling the boss the truth—and what to do about it.

Getting Staff Feedback: Do You Dare?

The value of getting feedback from staff to improve leadership effectiveness, and how to create an atmosphere that encourages honest feedback.

Getting The Best From an Executive Coach

Guidelines for finding the best coach for a leader, and for getting the most out of the coaching process.

New Tricks For Old Dogs: When The Boss Is Asked To Change

What to do when the company supports more facilitative roles for its command-and-control leaders.



Nearing Retirement: It’s Time to be Creative

Advice for those “without trust funds or secret stashes of cash.”

Executives in Retirement: A Nonprofit Niche

An executive’s second career in his nonprofit “dream job.”

Even at the Top, Making Plans for Life’s “Third Chapter”

Top executives finding new meaning and purpose later in life.

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Readiness Assessments

Are You Ready for Coaching?

A checklist to help decide if a leader is ready for coaching.

Are You Ready for Team Building?

A checklist to help decide if a team and its leader are ready for team building.