Tom is a great guy and easy to work with. As a result of his coaching with my team, we have achieved our personal performance goals. The team is much more highly developed and I have a higher performing team. Personally, I have gotten better at dealing with staff and letting go. I am delegating more and delegating more intelligently.
— Jeff Bialik, CEO Catholic Charities CYO
As a new CEO with a management team of folks who used to be my peers—and with some conflict on the team—Tom helped us find our way. He helped the team immensely. We are more efficient, more cohesive. We have more fun, we are better stewards, we spend our time on business matters rather than getting stuck in personality matters. Not having a peer, it’s nice to have a professional with experience to talk to about business issues. I’m maturing as a leader now, and am willing to take more risks.
— Mike Harrington, CEO MedAmerica
I appreciated Tom’s acute insights on people. He conveys the essence of the situation and can deliver painful news in ways I can hear. One time he helped us defuse a minor crisis with our physicians. He is knowledgeable and gives informed advice—not off-the-cuff or BS.
— Budd N. Shenkin, MD, President & Founder, Bayside Medical Group, Inc.
Tom provided me invaluable insights by synthesizing the 360 feedback he collected from my peers, manager and team on my behalf. These insights were the foundation for our conversations and the development opportunities we identified. Years later they are still providing me value. Thanks, Tom.
— Senior Vice President, Wells Fargo
Tom is a harder taskmaster than other consultants—he won’t let you get away with things. At the same time, he demonstrates a great deal of empathy—you feel comfortable sharing things with him. This is an incredible combination of skills. I personally delegate more, hold people accountable, and communicate in a more effective style.
— Bob Burrell, Executive VP & Chief Investment Officer (Ret.), WesCorp
Tom worked with our management team extensively and enabled us to transform differences in individual styles and personalities from a performance obstacle to an organizational strength.
— Jim Mooney, President & CEO, Chevron Federal Credit Union

I was in an interim role with no position power, working with people who had more experience than me and were located in multiple external locations. Through my work with Tom I learned how to more effectively manage and lead within a matrix setting, as well as ways to more effectively manage direct reports remotely. Tom helped me learn how to prioritize and focus when faced with multiple competing projects.

I have a “pearl” from every session with Tom that I use often. Tom taught me how to assure that projects and assignments were put into an actionable plan that is realistic and gives me timelines that force progress.
— Bruce Olmscheid, MD, Senior Director, Medical Affairs - HIV, Gilead Sciences, Inc.
Tom’s coaching helped me to better understand my own personality and how to work more effectively with different personalities and situations. He picks up on people, recognizes things head-on, and makes recommendations. Tom is more forthright than others. He really cares about his clients.
— Louisa P.C. Fosset, Former Vice President - Human Resources, BRE Properties, Inc.
As CEO at Kinecta Federal Credit Union I had an executive team full of “stars” that had communication issues—they just couldn’t talk to each other. Through Tom’s straight talk, we got our team to work well together and hold itself accountable. Tom is politely dogged; he challenged me and held me accountable.
— Tom Graham, CEO, SunCorp Corporate Credit Union
Tom was great to work with and understood exactly what our needs were. He delivered what he said he would and on schedule.
— Kathy Nicholl, Vice President, Human Resources, Guckenheimer
After a most difficult period in my career, with my reputation suffering, I began working with Tom. He not only guided me in dealing with the tough situations I faced each day, he helped me regain confidence and optimism about my career, and ultimately enabled me to restore my reputation. Because of Tom’s coaching my standing in the organization has been elevated to the point where I received the highest (and rare) bonus level and am now being considered for promotion. I could not have done all this by myself.
— Namvar Kiaie, Senior Director, R&D, Abbot Diabetes Care